Production Roles

A production can’t go out without the help of our invaluable backstage teams.

From lighting and sound to props and costumes, there’s so much more than acting that goes into making our shows happen.

Interested in joining us backstage? Here’s a flavour of some of the roles you could fill:

Want to be behind the scenes?

Are you an organised person?  Could you keep the show running from behind the scenes?  Setting and striking the stage between scenes / acts?  Do you think you could keep communication between front of house and backstage running smoothly, sorting out any hiccups along the way?  What about keeping props in order?

You would be required to turn up to rehearsals on Monday evenings – certainly as it gets closer to show week – to get to know the play, but if that isn’t a problem because you have been wondering what to do on a Monday, this could be the job for you.

Do you like going into period detail?  Could you come up with ideas that were simple but effective?  Remember that amateur groups do not have a lot of money to spend, so if you like the idea of this as a challenge come and join us.

Our set build starts the Saturday morning before show week, which includes the building of the stage!

We are always in need of help on set build and set strike for that matter (set strike is always the Sunday after the last performance).  If you are handy with a saw, hammer, screwdriver, glue, paint, wallpaper and enjoy working as a team then please offer your assistance!

What we are looking for here is someone who would love to liaise with newspapers and local publications like Little Books, Parish Magazine to name a few, about forthcoming productions.  Getting our plays publicised in the local papers is not as easy as it sounds!  Determination is what is needed here.  Do you have determination?  Remember, publicity is key to any performance, the more we appear in the paper, the bigger the audience!

Do you like walking?  Could you offer help in distributing our flyers and posters to libraries, village halls and local shops?

Could you come along every Monday to rehearsals but don’t want to be on the stage?  A key part to a performance is the prompt, someone who over the months of rehearsals, we have come to trust, someone who will know how we are delivering lines and will know instinctively when we require a prompt.  If this sounds up your street, come and see us!

Want to be more creative?

Every production requires props.  It is important that props are sourced as soom as possible to allow the actors / actresses to get used to them.

We may have some of the required props already in our stock or you may have to find specific items relevant to the period of the play, do you fancy a challenge?

If you are good at rummaging through antiques shops and finding a bargain, come along!

If you love costumes and all things to do with material and thread, this could be your challenge.  A challenge that gets greater when you have finished laughing at the size of the budget!

However, if you can bargain spot and make any use of our existing stock, I’m sure we could make use of you!

Can't offer full time help but would love to get involved?

Could you help us on the week of the play? Performance nights are Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  We sometimes put on a charity performance which takes place on the Wednesday.

Would you like to help set out the hall ready for the performance, transforming it into a theatre for the evening?  We have to put all seats out, number them and help set the hall ready for the audience to enter (oh and we have to put them away again after each performance!).

Would you enjoy serving refreshments?  Helping with ticket sales at the door?  Showing audince members to their allocated seats?

If you would love to get involved with a local drama group and would be able to offer help from 6pm onwards during performance week, we would love to hear from you.

About Us

Locko Amateur Dramatic Society (the LADS) was established in 1990. 

We are dedicated to presenting quality theatre for the local community.