Join Us

We’re a very welcoming, open and friendly group who are always happy to see new faces.

If you like being around theatre but perhaps don’t feel an acting role is for you, then one of the many critical backstage roles may be of interest.

We always need willing people to help put our productions on, and through our technical roles we have given many volunteers, such as theatre students, their first taste of being in charge of key areas such as lighting and sound.


We usually start with one rehearsal a week, which will be at The Malt Shovel, Spondon.  However, nearing performance week, we pull in a second rehearsal, usually on a Wednesday evening.

We ask members to be at rehearsals for 7.30pm so that we can get started as soon as possible.  We are usually finished by 9.30pm.


Audition dates are advertised on our web page and social media pages, keep a look out for our next audition dates.

Performance Week

We are currently performing one production per year.

This year our performance dates are 14th, 15th & 16th November 2024.

Performance nights are Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


Play week for us starts on set build day.  We do expect all members, acting and non-acting, to help on both set build and set strike.